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Step 5d: Setting up site in Macromedia Deamweaver

Open Dreamweaver. When you first open Dreamweaver, it will look something like this:

Your computer files are on the left and the remote or Internet files are on the right. Let's start by defining a new site. From the menu select, Site, New Site. A window pops up prompting you to enter your site name, Local Root Folder and Web Address. For Site Name, this can be anything you like to identify your site. For example, my site name is called WebMajestic. For the Local Root Folder this is the location of your website on your computer. This might be c:\website for you. Make sure the box that says Refresh Local File List Automatically is selected. For HTTP Address, enter your web address, such as http://www.webmajestic.com. For Cache, check this box as well.


Next Click on Web Server Info on the left of the window. A new menu pops up. You will need to get this information from your web host. For Server Access, Select FTP. For FTP Host, enter your ftp host, such as ftp.webmajestic.com. For Host Directory, Enter your start up directory such as /public_html. Next your login and password are needed. Check the box that says, to use Passive FTP.

Now Select OK and a window pops up and asks you if you want to create a cache file to keep your links up to date. Select Create.

Now you are ready. Your site window should look similar to the following:

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