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Step 5c: Creating a web graphic footers in Macromedia Fireworks

For the last item, I would like a graphic footer to be at the bottom of my page. From the menu select File, New. For the canvas size select 712 width by 50 height. For the color use white. From the Tools Toolbar, click on the Rectangle Tool. Click and hold and the Rounded Rectangle tool will appear on the menu.

Look down to properties and for the rectangle roundness and set this to 61. Change the color to the same teal that we used before. Now click and drag a rectangle towards the bottom of the canvas like below:

There is white space at the top so the canvas can be trimmed down. Select Modify Canvas, Trim Canvas. Now our border is smaller:

OK, Save your work in c:\website\source. Call it border.png. That's it for the graphics editor.

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