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Step 1: Domain Name Registration

domain name n : (computer science) strings of letters used to name organizations and computers and addresses on the Internet.

Simply put, you register for a domain name and it allows surfers to find your web site on the Internet .

A domain name can be .com, .org, .net, .ws, .tv, .cc

.com name refers to a company's web site
.org refers to an organizations web site
Net refers to a network
Ws is an excellent alternative to the popular .com web site
TV refers to a rich media, streaming video web site
Cc refers to a country code web site

There are fully qualified domain names and subdomain names. A fully qualified domain name is a name you paid for and registered. A sub domain is a domain name you did not register. For example, a fully qualified domain name would be webmajestic.com and a sub domain would be a website on Geocities, Tripod, Net Firms or Hypermart web site.

Picking out a domain name is very important. Securing a domain name is the first thing a professional website designer does. If you are are building a personal website, the domain is not so important because you will only be giving out the web address to friends and family members. Although having your own domain name will make it easier for friends and family to get to your website. It's easier to type in www.maryrogers.com than www.geocities.com/webmajetic. If your interest is to design sites for profit, how can you expect customers to want you to design their web sites if you don't have your own domain name? Having your own domain name will make your business appear to be more professional. When picking a domain name pick something short and to the point, and something easy for your customers to remember.

Now, that you know what domain names are, you need to know how to register them. There are about a million places on the Internet to register your domain name. The prices can range any where from $10 to $35 per year. Where you register your domain name will depend on what options that come with domain registration. I always say the more free options the better. Look for domains that come with url forwarding, masked pages, parked pages, free transfers, etc. We recommend $10 Domain Name Registrations at Hoover Web Design.

Domain Name Registrations

Domain Name Registration Options

  • Url Forwarding allows you to have your domain point to a location of your choice. An example of url forwarding would be that you have a business website and you would like to use part of it as a personal website. Your business domain name is www.mybusiness.org. You can use part of it for a personal site by creating a subdirectory on your business website called family. So to access your personal website one would type in www.mybusiness.org/personal. With URL forwarding you can have your family members type in the name of your choice such as www.familyweb.com to go to your family web.
  • Masked pages allow the actual domain that your side resides on to be hidden. As an example, your website might reside on: www.tennessee-college.edu/~thomas. If your domain is masked and forwarded to www.tomsweb.com, you can type in this short url to get to your website. The address bar will also say www.tomsweb.com.
  • Parked pages are useful when you have not started building your website yet. They let visitors who might stumble upon your website know that the domain has been registered and that you have not started building your site just yet. You can create a custom parked web page letting visitors know that your site is not ready yet. Using url forwarding with a masked page you can direct visitors to a page that you created yourself to advise when your site will be online. You can also get potential customer email addresses by having a newsletter sign up form on your page. You can email customers to let them know that your site is up and running.

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