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Official Webmaster Awards Program Winners

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Travel writing from a wide range of authors on festivals and events from around the globe.

5th Special Operations Group
The 5th is a group of individuals who play the games made by Novalogic, which we have been doing for over a year & a half now. We offer community forums, downloads, and much more is soon to come.



A Place Called Home
A homepage that tells everything you want to know about me...

AG Associates
web design, and tax service.

Absolute Marilyn Monroe Guide
Website about the professional and private life of Marilyn Monroe. Facts, Pictures, Ads, Scripts, Awards, Articles, Interviews, Spouses, Look like Marilyn, Letters, Songs, Lyrics, Quotes, Poems...anything you ever want to know about Marilyn is found on this site.

Alan Cheung's Kenpo Karate Page
This site contains excellent information on the art of Kenpo Karate, its creator Grand Master Ed Parker, Master Instructor of the art Mr. Alan Cheung, and history of Martial Arts.

Amicitia Immortalis
Website of Amicitia Immortalis - elite Delta Force Land

Angeline's Website
Personal website that features friends, poetry, other peoples writings and lots of other great links.

Angie's Website
personal hompages with content about family, animations, poetry, Titanic and lots more



Big Cats and Fantasy
Large jungle cats and fantasy.

Brian O
A young independent wrestler who is up and coming

Bryson's Designs
Paint Shop Pro 7 tutorial @ Web Design tips

Brujah Haven
Brujah Haven is a made for VP site (Virtual Places from Excite). This is the online home of my Vampire the Masquerade (White Wolf publishing) character Lady Cinnamin of clan Brujah.

Buster's Web Site
A "healthy" gay resource page. Has links to gay support sources, free chat room, personals, links to gay homes pages, city directories and more.



Celine-Russia Site
First Russian site about Celine Dion in English.



Celine-Russia Site
First Russian site about Celine Dion in English.



Site dedicated to the Delta Force gaming community.

On this site you will find a vast resource of information, games, learning, and a bit of community. Welcome and enjoy your stay. I am a firm believer that strangers are just friends we haven't met yet and that friends are family we pick up along the way.

Daytona Beach Know It All
Daytona Beach Know it all . com has been designed, hosted, and is constantly updated to inform the community of things to do in the area, available businesses, ways to save money, and local information that may be helpful to someone who lives in Daytona Beach, is visiting, or planning to move here.

Deb's Place
angels & inspiration, awards for your site, hillbilly & medical humor, in memory of pages, lighthouses, our pet, and a Tell a Friend / Pages to Send

DesertRose Poetry Corner
poetry friendship memorial and tributes Desert Rose fun land with humor pages friendship pages jokes so much more :-)

My best photos for your desktop wallapeper. Download for free.



Df3 land warrior site for information for our squad, information and later there will be a download section for maps, and utilities.

Edison Elks Lodge #2487
An informative site for members of the Edison Elks Lodge giving up to date information on lodge happenings. And for the non-member, giving information regarding the order and how to join.



Friends in the Village

Devoted to the television show "Friends". There is a lot of information about the show, multimedia, plus much more.



Gamedogs.com is the information headquarters for anyone with interests in the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Gate To The Stars
pictures, polls, episodes, biography, links

Got Mavin?
Site all about Marvin the Martian

Graphic & Flash
cool web, with macthing color, cool music




Heather Tom Online
This website is dedicated to Heather Tom, the actress who plays Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless. Packed with pictures and information, this site allows the visitor to get a glimpse inside the life of Heather Tom, both as an actress and as a real person.

The House of Friends
It's based on a t.v. show Friends!



In Retrospect
With 150+ fabrics, In Retrospect carefully creates exquisite hand crafted photo albums for storing pictures of your wedding, newborn, vacation, holiday - or any other occasion!



japanese clipart
japanese clipart and animations

Jeniffer's Friends Page
This is a site about the tv show "FRIENDS".

Jerico Springs
Personal site with links I have found to be useful. Information about Jerico Springs, Missouri and the surrounding area. Information about Stockton, Mo and Stockton Lake.



Kevin's Krib
Its a personal website with me, friends, love, fun, and humor.

free email,dedicated chat server, 10000 + jokes and very soon downloads,games and stuff for teens!!!



The LibogAJ Tributes
it's a personal and tribute home page.,anything from family, sports, athletes to country, photo albums, profile and fun pages.

The website is about liqueur-making. It describes how you can make your own delicious liqueurs using fruits, berries, herbs and spices. Some detailed recipes are presented, and also links to a lot of other liqueur and cordial recipes on the net.

Loren de Angel
Site dedicated to my pet cat... it contains all my personal and hardwork!!!!



Exclusive and high quality wallpapers dedicated mainly to Stargate SG-1.

MIB´s place
Personal site about us, fishing, palestine, sweden, graphics, dogs

Machen Family Web Site
Home of the Machen Family on the Internet.

Manchester 2002
A virtual encyclopaedia and online tourist guide to the Metropolitan County and City of Manchester and the Northwest region of England.

Mary's WeB'ery Designs
quality affordable web site design and maintenance for home/small business, non-profit, Christian ministries or personal.

Mathews United Methodist Church On-line
Web ministry that spreads the GOOD NEWS about Jesus Christ. Also has info about the doctrines/beliefs of the Methodist church as well as the programs/activities and ministries.

The Mortician
A Funeral question and answer site with Cemetery Photography



NC's Outer Banks: A National Historical Treasure
This site displays the historical landmarks of North Carolina's Outer Banks through original detailed photography, poetry, and rich historical text.



Official site of Jose Gil Tecson
The Official web site of J i m b o , a web / graphic designer, photographer, escort, guide. Contains his online resume, portfolio showcase, personal website projects and graphic experiments.

Official page Tor Endresen
It`s a site I make for a faomus artist in Norway.



Perfect Editing Solutions
We offer a Proofreading and Copyediting Service to make error-free websites and documents.

The Presurfer
The Presurfer is a weblog with new links every day to unusual, weird and funny sites on the internet. There's an archive and the possibility to search the site.



Recon Force 2000
Official website for the elite Delta Force 2 squad, Recon Force 2000, lead by §andman~RF2K~™.

Regal Greetings & Gifts in Ottawa
Top-quality, value-priced gift, household and garden items, wrap, cards, novelties and more available through catalogues and an efficient personal service agent in Ottawa, Canada.



SG-1's Reports
Stargate SG-1 website with cast,characters,creatures,planets,news,episodes guide,forum,artwork and so more.

A DF2 & DFLW Squad site made up of some of the best players in the DF community, offering custom maps, update patches, utilities, & editors

Shimmick Labs
This site is dedicated to the education and centralization of resources for lab/animal lovers.

Simply Computers 2001
Offering website and internet services.

Simply Marilyn
Site is a dedication to Marilyn Monroe.

A rock music e-zine.

Star Gate SG-1 UK
One of the largest Star Gate SG-1 sites around. All the information you need on one of the most Popular Scifi shows around.



Team Free Style
Delta Force Land Warrior squad

TK Home
Private site with pictures from around the world and many more



website design beginner online portofolio.

Ultradave.com is my personal homepage showing some of the free sites I made for other people, some of my wacky humor, and some surprizes.



Veteran Advocates
Here we pay tribute and homage to America's true heroes, our Veterans. To remember that our freedom and way of life is not free and without the sacrifices of the men and women who served, who are serving, and who will serve, we would not be enjoying that freedom today. To also remember those who were Killed in Action, those who are still Missing in Action and to those who may still be held against their will, our Prisoners of War. As the days go on we will also be having many links for PTSD, Agent Orange, Hep C., GWS and many others. We have also included many Tribute pages in memory of the recent Attack on America.



WANDERINGS is our family website, where we've put together most of our 32 years of life together. We like to think there's something for everyone here!

Web Design 2000
Italian awards program website

Informative, creative and helping others to build their palce on the Web.

Wm.C.Gowacki's Website
Honor from Cover to Cover, then Some


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